Watercolors by Deborah Swan-McDonald
Watercolor Impressions of Nature

Watercolors by Deborah Swan-McDonald

Light through Trees IV

Light through the Trees IV

Artist's Statement

My passion is painting character studies of people and the visual delights of nature in watercolor. 

I enjoy portraying the essence of people. I use fluid watercolor washes to capture the impression of my subjects' poses and expressions, alluding to their innermost feelings, hoping to connect the viewer with them via universal themes.  

Gardens and landscapes are favorite themes too. My first pictorial memories are of the farmlands, streams and forests of the Midwest where I lived as a child.  Impressions of those days often appear in my paintings as anything from a rich palette of autumn colors to the cooler colors of a forest stream dappled by light.  I have lived in California most of my adult life.  The limitless varieties of landscapes and gardens of this state are also inspirations for my paintings.  

I currently live in Woodland Hills, CA with my husband, son and a rambunctious, black lab.